Assets In Action: Kids also need non-parental guidance

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Our Asset of the week is number three, other adult relationships.
This Asset is when a young person has support from three or more adults that are not their parents.
Way back in 2009, our data reported that 48 percent of our sixth through eighth grade students felt they had this Asset.
The current data, for 2013, reports that 52 percent now feel like they have this Asset.
My hope is that you don’t have to look too far for where adults are, in the life of your child.
They can be friends, neighbors, parents of their friends, coaches, teachers, congregation members, or adults in some sport, club or organization.
They can be found just about anywhere. We just may not recognize the impact they have on kids.
If you think it can’t be you, think again. It doesn’t require any special degree, training or skill. You just have to be kind and actually give a darn.
There is a song by the cappella group called, Straight No Chaser, that truth be told has a song that everyone needs to take to heart.
From their latest album, an old school reference for you young kids, from their latest CD, “Under the Influence.”
The track says, “The difference is they try and teach us how to use the tools. I guess we gotta care, we got a lot at stake.”
While we do teach our youth about the tools and occasionally how to use the tools, we need to invest the time to help them learn to care.
We do have a lot at stake and we need to be involved at every age and every grade level.
It is easy as kids get older to assume things are good enough and if things are flowing, our job begins to diminish, but we need to stay engaged, even through the college years. I say engaged and not in charge.
I would like to include a kudo this week.
My kudos goes to LAHS senior Nolan Fox. Fox could be seen on the senior float, last Friday as what I characterize as the unofficial Hilltopper mascot.
Fox utilized the opportunity to lead the team onto the field and rally the crowd throughout the game with his stellar selection of black tights, a Hilltopper green ensemble and a golden yellow mask, cape and some fabulous gloves.
“That man,” unless otherwise previously named, is faster than a Hilltopper, returning late from going to Sonic during lunch, more powerful than molasses, running uphill in the winter and is able to leap tall buildings with the help of a very large trampoline and parachute.
What “That Man,” did do was energize the crowd, make us laugh and enjoy the event even more and allow us to answer the nationwide question, What does the Fox say?
The answer of course, “Go ’Toppers!” As a community, let’s make sure we support them all year long, for every sport, win or lose.