Assets in Action: Keep a positive attitude

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

If you have elementary age students, this week, I hope you look at your teachers a little differently.
If you have been mad because there was too much or not enough homework; if you push too hard and they don’t push enough, or the other way around, I hope you stop and think.
Who would have thought that there would ever come a day that the teacher on whose doorstep you dropped your children off at this morning, could become the shield between them and a gunman?
The questions won’t be answered simply or quickly, but we need to have some discussions.
We need to stop complaining about everything and everyone, all the time. We need to stop posting every negative thought and idea on Facebook and Twitter.
Pick two or three friends that you have hard conversations with, the conversations when you pour your troubles and travails out and then keep your thoughts to yourself.
Stop the vitriol that every negative thought has to be broadcast every minute of everyday. If you need a place to vent frustrations, if nothing seems to remedy itself, then find a member of the clergy no matter what your background or talk to a counselor or a psychiatrist.
Treat your children with respect and have a conversation to make sure they treat others with respect, too. Ask them the yes or no question: whether there is a teacher, adult or coach they would go to, if something was too hard to deal with.
Don’t ask them who, because your goal here isn’t to pry, just to make sure they have someone other than you.
Wake up, my friends and understand that those people with happy, healthy relationships don’t generally go around killing people.
Don’t let it be an issue of bullying, don’t let it be an issue of gun control, let it be an issue of personal responsibility for you and the care of those around you.
If you have a hard situation to deal with at school, at work or at home, do it with grace and kindness. Everyday try and be a decent person to anyone and everyone around you. When you make a mistake, apologize and rectify the issue without haste.
Also make sure that we don’t allow the sound bites about autism and Asperger’s Syndrome to turn the tide on every youth that has these medical issues, and be seen as potential villains.
If every person in the world has those few key people that they can turn to, that they can go to in times of crisis, the world would be a better place. I hope you are that one person for someone.
Last but not least, if our leaders don’t model the behavior and character as true Americans, then get them out of their positions. If our children can only see constant fighting and everyone wanting their way, what will become of us?