Assets in Action: Help Assets with donations

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

We are so close to the end of October, that we will look ahead to November and a focus on the asset category of empowerment.
This asset category contains assets seven through 10 and include; community values youth, youth as resources, service to others and safety.
The assets program was disappointed when our Night in Italy event was forced to cancel, due to low-ticket sales.
Perhaps it was timing, perhaps it was cost or perhaps there were too many events on the calendar.
What I do know is that 100 percent of time was donated to make the effort a go. The assets program didn’t spend a penny in cost to attempt this fundraiser.
Our thanks to local caterer Jarda Belmonte, who had the gumption to try something new to benefit youth development programs in our community.
On a positive note, our Smith’s Change For Change collection earned our program $175.75 in donations and for that, I thank you.
Our reason for fundraising is to at least make an attempt at sustainability. This is a part- time program and with additional funds, we could do so much more.
The second reason is that we started the year with a $5,000 reduction in budget and must always anticipate that to happen in consecutive years.
I like to make lemons out of lemonade and there’s a lot of stopping at every lemonade stand philosophy, related to assets work.
We have seen the compassion of the Los Alamos Monitor, KRSN AM 1490 and the Betty Ehart Senior Center to assist in collections to show youth we care and benefit the program.
So last Saturday, on Make A Difference Day, we put up collection boxes at the businesses located above. During the next few weeks, we will collect a variety of items to benefit youth and the Asset In Action program, which in turn, benefits youth.
So if you would like to drop individually wrapped breakfast or lunch items, including snacks and drink boxes, we are ready for you. Granola bars, hand held soups, fruit snacks … you name it.
If you would like to drop off bags of candy or cookies, we will use them for a variety of Assets programs, which we conduct at all seven schools, in the district.
You see, I like to make it easy for people to give. It doesn’t take writing a big check to help a program thrive. This is seen in the collection of your spare change at Smith’s Food and Drug stores. The change will assist our program with the budget shortfall and show youth the community cares about them.
Our first asset this month is Community Values Youth and we have a large number of kids that could be more successful in the classroom with a little something in their stomachs. If you can help, great, if you can’t right now, then pass a kind word on to the next teenager you see and have a great week.

Assets In Action is sponsored by the JJAB through the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. Nominate community members now for the Community Assets Award. Visit  AssetsInAction.info for details or call 661-4846, for a nomination form.