Assets in Action: This is a good week to focus on caring

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This seems like a good week to focus on the Search Institute Developmental Asset No. 26, Caring. This Asset highlights when a young person values helping others.

It is equally important for the youth in our lives to see the adults in their lives helping others too. So, I would like to draw your attention to a fun campaign that allows us to do all sorts of good.

Ellen DeGeneres has teamed up with Cheerios for, “Acts of good!”

So, you can start out by heading to your local Smith’s store to purchase a box of Cheerios. The first do-good is that you have shopped locally, helped to employ someone and helped the bottom line of the community by keeping money here.

If you have selected an Inspiring Donations recipient, you will help a local non-profit raise funds, simply by shopping at Smith’s and not costing you any extra.

While Champions of Youth Ambitions is one of those organizations, that seems selfish, so I will tell you that you can also benefit the Friends of the Senior Center, the Family Strengths Network, the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation, any local school and more.

On the box, there are two postcards. One is to send to send someone that deserves recognition. It thanks them for all of the good that they do. My hope is that you know someone that could use a kind word. If not, think of any custodian, police or fireman or your favorite nurse. You can even use that postcard for our cards for troops efforts and drop it off at the Betty Ehart Senior Center.

Then there’s another postcard to tell Ellen and Cheerios what good deed you have done. While you are at it, hop onto our Facebook page and send us a snapshot of your postcard or just tell us what good deed you have done. Ellen and Cheerios are hoping for One Million Acts of Good and wouldn’t you like to make that happen?

Champions of Youth Ambitions is working on a really neat idea or two that we hope to announce very soon. We also can’t wait to hear your ideas and efforts.

So, if you have followed the above-mentioned ideas, as an individual, you would be up to about seven good deeds already. The other good news is that hopefully you will also begin eating those Cheerios, making a good healthy choice for yourself and your heart too. Eat them for breakfast, put some in a container and put it in your bag for a snack or stow some in the car for a snack emergency.

All little things add up to some pretty big things, so in our Assets mantra, “Take A Second, Make A Difference.”

Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) is a local non-profit that works to provide free-hands on science in elementary schools, youth leadership opportunities and hosts the Community Asset Awards.