Assets In Action: Getting the most out of resources

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Last week, Assets In Action made their annual pitch for fiscal year 2012-2013. I have a 15 minute slideshow if you’re interested in our work.
Times are tough and money is tight, but often, simple things can be done to raise awareness, increase education, or tackle an issue from another direction with very little cost.
One suggestion was that many would often like to seek resources, or information, but simply don’t want anyone to know their business.
In this town, whether we want to believe it or not, we have some pretty big needs in our offices, our neighborhoods and our churches.
Many don’t readily want to ask for help, but the needs are out there.
Assets In Action has a wealth of resources for parenting issues like curfew and chores, too much television, anger management and self-acceptance.
We would like to know what you want to hear about and where you get your information.
What is your media preference? Would you access it on a webpage, sneak onto my Facebook page and creep? If you don’t understand the last reference, ask a teenager.
When Parents Ask for Help-Everyday Issues through an Asset-Building Lens is an Asset rich tome by Renie Howard. Howard addresses a slew of topics like; physical and psychological symptoms of stress, how not to be bullied and how to make friends.
Howard also addresses the topics from a variety of Asset categories so it isn’t just what you can do, or what the schools can do, but how to approach a topic from a variety of resources for success.
So tell me what you want to know and where will you access the information?
All topics suggestions will be kept confidential. They can be left on voicemail at 661-4846, posted on Facebook or Twitter, although not so confidential there, or simply drop an anonymous note to us at 77 Isleta Drive Los Alamos, NM 87544.
Assets will look into ways to post previously written articles and see if we can rook Renie Howard into an interview or two.
Assets In Action is a community-building program of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce and the JJAB.