Assets in Action: Find way to have fun and build memories

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

I am loving summer, I hope you are too.

I love the way things slow down, even though lately I haven’t seemed to get anything extra done.

I hope you plan to participate in the Los Alamos County 100 Aha Moments photo contest. If you aren’t much of a contest participant, but like taking photographs, give it a try and support a new idea.

Check out the County’s Instagram page, shoot a photo of your own and post it with the #100AHAMoments. The number sign for our young generation is called a “Hashtag,” and while I try not to be judgmental someone actually named their child that about a year ago. He isn’t reading yet and the family doesn’t live here, so I feel safe in sharing the story.

I am not an Instagram kinda person, but I may give it a whirl as I do like to photograph almost anything.

Last weekend I photographed a lot of local activities as we try and take advantage of all fun, free things while our company is visiting.

This is an excellent time to just relax with some fun, new summer television shows too.

I enjoy the shows where regular people are highlighted for their deeds and talents that might not normally get recognized for their efforts. We also find hot days and warm nights to be an opportunity to chill out with some frozen yogurt at the same time.

It might be the new Steve Harvey show, “Forever Young,” highlighting awesome senior citizens who, perhaps in their nineties could run circles around half of us. His “Little Big Shots” young show is great too.

Perhaps “American Ninja Warrior” and someone that may be fighting some battle and elects to deal with it on an obstacle course, to get through their day.

How about Jennifer Lopez’s new show “World of Dance,” where people dance like you can’t even imagine? The simplest movements become art and what a great way to get some exercise.

“America’s Got Talent” can be odd from time to time, but often they will have some great stories and to see someone who feels heard or seen for the first time, is really a pretty stellar moment.

They are all positive shows, which can begin some great conversations about trying something new, overcoming defeat and hanging in there when the going gets rough.

So pop up some popcorn, throw together a root beer float and do something fun together.

Show your family that you have a lot of fun without spending a lot of money or even leaving the house.
How do you build memories? Tell us at cya.org@att.net.