Assets In Action: Cheetahs share memories

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

I hope last weekend gave you a taste for spring break.

As we get closer to that time, I hope you take the opportunity to recharge your batteries and celebrate the successes along the way.

Last week, Chamisa Elementary School celebrated their 45th birthday with two events.

Earlier this year, Principal Debbie Smith fired up some Facebook frenzy and launched a ton of memories.

Smith created a Chamisa Elementary School page that has more than 355 members. The members include former students, former and current staff and a few parents, too.

Chamisa alumni post everything from favorite memories to what they are doing today and where they are now.

Max Katko posted some really great old photos of the original move.

Former principals including Cookie Halsted, Kate Thomas and Cindy Montoya, came to one of the two celebrations. Principal Grimes sent his fond memories via email, read by current staff member Rachel Wehner. It was said that she had visited his office a time or two as a student, but those details are still pending.

Even our current School Board President Dr. Kevin Honnell was a Cheetah that fall of 1968, arriving after the start of the school year.

Back in the day (as the kids say) the students at Chamisa went home for lunch.

One fateful day, Cheetah Honnell returned back to school after a satisfying lunch of chili. The chili also returned that day, gracing the brand new carpet, right in front of the school principal.

The resounding theme for the two events was assets in spades. Each speaker told of not just the memories, but also the relationships that made it so wonderful.

It was how the place created the community, the family that exists while one is at Chamisa, as a student, a staff member or parent.

It is the family defined by the place, created by the feeling, summed up by Thomas, as being inside of a hug.

Life is good, celebrate the little moments because everything is really comprised of the little moments.

The JJAB and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce sponsor Assets In Action.