Assets in Action: Be intentional when building assets

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Next week, we begin to focus on an asset of the week, to ensure another year of relationship building.
This year, I feel like we need a slogan. I won’t give up the ones we already use which are, “Healthy Community, Healthy Youth,” or “Take A Second, Make A Difference.”
Sometimes I feel like we need something to rally the troops, something to ignite the little fire that makes you want to get something done.
When we think of asset building, we need to be intentional in our efforts.
It doesn’t matter if it is eye contact in passing, a friendly nod or an actual conversation, just be aware.
This is the chance to give students a second chance and help them get on the good path.
This charge if you will, extends to parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers, staff, neighbors and anyone that associates with kids.
The work I do isn’t just for those that are in school, it is for anyone interested in building a better community.
I do tend to focus a lot of working with the schools, but mainly because they are a captive audience.
I can also work with scouts, church youth groups or whatever adults are open to sharing a few minutes to see how they can do better.
As we go back to school, we have identified Asset Champions at each site to assist staff and families on how to increase the number of assets for youth.
Starting in September, these Asset Champions will have resources with a variety of information at hand. This is to provide folks with a friendly face in the building, from which they can learn more about from prevention, intervention and more.
The following are the people and locations available to you.
• Aspen Elementary: Tammy Moore
• Barranca Elementary: Kay Swadener
• Chamisa Elementary: Valerie Adams
• Mountain Elementary: Scott Johnson
• Piñon Elementary: Karen Forsyth
• LAMS: Dawn Barr
• LAHS: Kathy Boerigter.
Please take a moment to thank these people for their time and dedication to student achievement.
They are helping a small program try to gain some legs and take the assets message out into the community.
If you’d like to join the team, just let me know.
I’ve increased my assets, now increase yours. I think we have a winner.

The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce sponsor Assets in Action. Find them on facebook and Twitter at AssetsInAction or on-line at www.AssetsInAction.info.