Aspen students happy with new digs

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Editor’s note: The following letters were written by sixth graders from Aspen Elementary School regarding recent renovations and rededication of the school. These are the last of the letters sent to the Los Alamos Monitor.

I am loving our new building for several reasons.
First of all, I love the two stories. It really helps because we’re not all squished together.
Next, the elevator is very helpful. It’s helpful because if there was a student in a wheelchair, they wouldn’t have to have a challenge going up the stairs. It’s also helpful because if we needed to bring a heavy item upstairs, we could just put it in the elevator instead of trying to carry it up the stairs. Finally, this school is helping us learn because it’s good to know that we’re gong to a school that’s safe and looks nice.
Thank you for investing in me and my classmates’ education.

I am loving our new school for several reasons.
First of all, I love that it is two stories. Now everyone can have lots of more room to learn. One thing that is really eye-catching is the staircase to and from the Media Center. For six and a half years, I have been calling it the library, but now I can sound official and call it the Media Center. The thing I am most excited about is the elevator that you see when you come into the building. I have never been at a school with an elevator before. Now I can see the gears move and know how one works. This great new school will help me a lot. With speakers over the room, teachers can play music, which helps me concentrate a lot.
Thank you so much for all the money and care you helped put into our new school to help our education.

I am so thankful for our new building for several reasons.
First of all, I love the view from upstairs looking out from the window, because all you see is trees, mountains, and the golf course, and I think that is really beautiful.
Second of all, I love the view of the inside of the building like the light sails, the aspen tree pictures on the glass, and the elevator. I like these because they’re something you wouldn’t expect to see in a school, and I like that and think it is unique.
Third of all, I like that all of the desks are brand new and the chairs are brand new. They are all the same and I like that about them. I am so happy that Los Alamos gave us the money to make this new school because it was really worth it.

I love our new school building. One thing that caught my eye was the elevator! I was wondering if we could use it a lot or help the handicapped get to higher floor. I also love how much more room and stuff we have. The classrooms are bigger and less cramped and the new items in the playground are wonderful.
This new building helps me concentrate because the rooms are bigger and everything seems easier in the new building and it’s more cozy. I’m very excited to be at the school. Thank you!!!
I am very much liking our new school for several reasons. First of all, some eye-catching things I noticed were the patterns that are unique and colorful. The roof sails as well. Some things that I am most excited about would have to be the new building itself, but the part that I like the best is that you allowed it to be made and that the construction workers spent much time on it. The thing that makes me cry the most is that it was you who allowed this. If it weren’t for you, we as students and teachers would not get the opportunity to start fresh and learn more. You took the time to help out. Thank you.
These are the reasons I am liking the new school. Thank you.

I love our new building for several reasons.
First of all, I like the chairs and desks. They fit your body better than the old school desk and chairs. Secondly, the new school has a lot of the new updates. It has a projector hanging from the ceiling. Last, the library is bigger than the old library. It’s roomier and has a lot of books and a fireplace.
Thank you so much for the new school.

I am loving our new building for three reasons.
The first reason is because I like how you can see the elevator go down. I thought that was really eye-catching.
The second reason is that I like how it’s a two-story building, and we get the top floor. That is the part I’m mostly excited about because I feel comfortable.
The last reason is because we are less crowded and this is helpful.
Thank you for the new building.
I’m loving our new building for three reasons.
First of all, one thing that was really eye-catching to me was that the school look like a museum. It looks like it because it has stairs and windows. A part I was most excited about was that we were on the second floor. That reason is that we get to look down at everybody. The new school will help us with better Internet and better bathrooms.
Thank you so much for making this happen.

I am loving our new building for three reasons and one thing that is bad about our new building. First, the fireplace is the thing I like most. The fireplace is in the Media Center. There is a long stone bench near the fireplace. Second, the elevator is made out of glass. You can see the person who is in the elevator go up and down. Last, the flat sink near the dining hall. It has multiple faucets and three soap dispensers. The bad thing about our new school is the hand blow dryers. It is so loud and you can hear it from classrooms away. The funny part is it has a label that says “Feel the Power.”
Thank you so much for our new school.

I like our new school for three reasons.
Reason one is the size. We have so much room now. Reason two is the tiger paws out front. They are so cute. Reason three is the Media Center. So many new books to read. Thank you Los Alamos!

I have several things to say about the new building, good and bad.
First, I would like to explain how the building benefits me as a student. So just like overall it’s a lot safer, it also makes it a whole lot easier for me to get to my classes.
Then, there are a few things that are eye-catching. I can only name one. There are these tiger paw prints at the front of the school. I look at them everyday. My brother hasn’t even noticed them.
Next, I was really excited about the new “dining hall” and I have only eaten there once, and it still amazes me.
And, last, something that might take some getting used to is the way you enter and exit the building. It’s just kind of complicated how some doors you can use and some doors you can’t use.
I love the building; it’s awesome!