Ask Alex: Why is the sky blue?

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By Alexander Castillo

You have to be joking. This question has to have been asked a little less than an infinite number of times.
It belongs amidst inquiries such as, “What is two plus two?” and “How many fingers am I holding up?” Everyone on the planet but you knows why the sky is blue.
Even babies know. Yes babies counted when I said “everyone.”
Sure, babies have an entirely incorrect assumption that probably involves unicorns and applesauce, but I believe that they have the utmost certainty as to why the sky is blue.
Teachers, guest speakers and more teachers assure us that there are no stupid questions.
But really, the only questions that aren’t stupid are the ones I don’t know the answer to. I know why the sky is blue. Why does it matter though?
The sky is blue. Can’t the sky be blue without people questioning its reason behind the color? Would you rather have a purple sky? What about a brown sky? No, of course not. The sky knew what it was doing when it decided to be blue.
People are always asking “why.” That’s how science and religion were invented. Science made more sense, but religion was more helpful.  
Why is the sky blue? Science says the sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light.
Religion says the sky is blue because God made it that way just for you, because he loves you and wants you to be happy.
Now which explanation made you feel better? Either way, the question is answered.
Go on and join the babies who share your knowledge.