Ask Alex: No one knows what the future holds

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By Alexander Castillo

Many months ago, back when I was a student at Los Alamos High School, the column “Ask Alex” came to be. Brainchild of very inquisitive Teen Pulse staff members, it all began as a way to make me find out answers anyone could find with a simple Google search, but I made it my own.
Simple questions were given ridiculous answers. Ridiculous questions were given even more ridiculous answers. I would have never known how lenient The Los Alamos Monitor is when it comes to censorship, had it not been for my columns.
However, it was not all fun and games. It was fun and games and delicious smoothies from The Coffee House, where we held our weekly meetings.
Writing for Teen Pulse has been a fantastic experience that I am so lucky to have had. It’s not every day you get your sarcastic rants put on display for all of Los Alamos to read. And speaking of my readers, I’ve received more feedback and positive comments than I ever could have imagined. I didn’t imagine I would hear anything back from readers. I didn’t imagine I would have readers.
Now as Teen Pulse takes its summer hiatus, I will enjoy my action-packed, fun-filled summer and I will be attending New Mexico State University in the fall. Perhaps I will pursue a writing career.
Perhaps a career will be thrust upon me. Perhaps I will win the lottery and spend the rest of my life living in leisure. We may never know. I will know though. We might not, but I will most definitely find out.
I have written columns covering topics such as how exactly snakes excrete fluid waste; what women’s looks mean; and the reasoning behind the sky being blue. I was told these columns were amusing, which was nice to hear.
I often found myself laughing as I was writing. Although this is not a very good sign, because usually people don’t find things I find humorous to be very funny at all.
Nevertheless, I submitted my column with medium-to-high hopes and no one complained.
Thank you for reading my columns and I do hope you readers are able to find your bi-weekly laughs elsewhere.
Try reading the two panel comics the The Los Alamos Monitor puts out. Don’t read “Funky Winkerbean,” though. That comic never makes any sense.