Artwork for Eco Station being discussed

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By Jennifer Garcia

Beautification efforts for the Eco Station continue, with plans to install a piece of artwork moving along.

On Friday the Art in Public Places Board met to discuss current projects. Among those on the list were the Judicial/Police/Jail Complex and the Eco Station. APP Board Staff Liaison Stephani Johnson was hoping to finalize plans for the JPJ artwork, but instead the Board decided to hold off on a decision regarding the artwork because of comments from councilors.

“Now that the brick is being installed, there have been some comments from council members who have said we may want to reconsider where we put the artwork, as well as the type of artwork that might be chosen. I will be notifying the artists next week to let them know the status of the project,” Johnson said. Not putting any artwork on the JPJ is also a possibility, she said.

During the meeting, members of the APP Board met with Environmental Services Manager Regina Wheeler and Environmental Sustainability Board Member Brooke Davis to go over the proposals that artists sent in for the Eco Station.

“We were able to narrow the choice down to three artists. Joanna Gillespie, one of our Board members will be following up with a list of questions with one or more of the artists and will report back at our Aug. 12 meeting,” Johnson said.

Though she did not have a complete list of the artists readily available, Johnson did say that the preferred proposal came from Lyle London, the same artist who designed “Nexus,” located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Trinity Drive.

The piece London submitted for consideration is called “Life Spiral.” In his proposal, he included a rendering of what it would look like on the wall he’d like to place it on. “We wanted it to be really visible when people are coming up the truck route,” Johnson said. “It would be as popele are coming up the truck route, toward the lab. We may have to scale it down if we don’t meet the cost,” she continued.

The APP Booard and the Sustainability Board do not want to spend more than $60,000 on the piece of art chosen for the Eco Station. The Boards intend to split the cost of the artwork with each paying $30,000.

The Board will meet again on Aug. 12 to go over the information Gillespie has gathered. “Joanna is doing the research for us. She has two weeks to make the calls for us. It’ll be back on our agenda on Aug. 12. We may want to make a recommendation to the Sustainability Board at that time, then it has to go to council,” Johnson said. She also mentioned that the joint meeting was a success in that both Boards were able to meet a consensus regarding the artwork. “They did really well, it was a good process,” she said.