Arrivals spark pride around the world

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

How wonderful that for a change, the nation perhaps even the world, is focused on good news. I wish that every arrival could be heralded with such a warm welcome.
Perhaps this week we could do just that, even if it is over the kitchen table.
Imagine pulling out a photo from the arrival of their birth and reminding your child how proud you were at the time.
Perhaps you think your kids are too old for that, or perhaps they live too far away? I say put pen to paper and share some warm memory of that day long ago.
If you enjoy sharing old stories, drop that card in the mail and let the memory making begin.
If you aren’t that warm and fuzzy person, seal it in an envelope and put it along with some important papers for a grand discovery at a later date.
Maybe you don’t have children of your own. If not, share with someone your pride of that person’s arrival. It might be a niece, a nephew or close family friend. We all have some adult in our lives that isn’t related by blood but has been an important figure. Sometimes those are the best relationships.
Those old stories get lost in the shuffle and every year after, oh, I’ll say , age 30, don’t come as easy from the memory banks, but they’re randomly discovered more like an old paper filing system.
The other big piece of good news comes from Brazil and the visit of the Pope.
While I am not Catholic, I am immensely excited to follow the Pope through his journey. I think it comes from the fact that he is, if you will, a regular guy.
He carries his own bag, he wants to be with the people and not just treated like a rock star and best of all, he asks the people to pray for him.
I am happy for you to select whatever word choice works best for you. By that, I mean pray, think warm thoughts, send good vibes, shine a light…whatever reflects positivity for you.
Imagine if we took the time to do that for every leader, or any person that needs some positive forces acting on them to help them get through their daily lives?
The fact is there are thousands and thousands of youth gathered in Brazil for World Youth Day. It is faith that brings them together. Not music, not partying, not a sporting event, not a celebrity.
Sometimes we forget that our youth are involved in some pretty wonderful things.
We need to acknowledge the happy things in life and celebrate them more often. If we focus on only the ugly, then life starts to seem pretty ugly.
Assets in Action is a community building program of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation.