Are bulldozers always the answer?

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By Richard Hannemann

Dear Editor,

Does it seem that county government has a real affinity for bulldozers and dynamite? Seems like that is their solution to Los Alamos. Consider the Municipal Building. Each councilor expressed concerns that anything the council does will impact Los Alamos for “50 to 100” years. Then council voted, 6-to-0, to flatten the Municipal Building. Bulldozers and dynamite.Of course, keep the Annex, work it into Trinity, keep the Municipal Building and you save millions. Oh, but the Annex is also slated for demolition. Bulldozers and dynamite.Councilors also expressed concerns about cost – and voted 6-to-0 for the most expensive option available. But, hey, the Los Angelization of Los Alamos is pricey. The civic center is sprawling along 20th Street. A brand new government complex takes up every square inch of space between the pond and Oppenheimer, Central to Trinity. A skate park is at the library. When the county got static about that location, the only “alternative” was the location where they had wanted the civic center – a location the county well knew to be a non-starter. Trinity Place, Airport Basin ee bulldozers and dynamite.The county wants a left-turn lane at 38th and Diamond, making it easier to turn from 38th to Diamond but not doing much for 37th, 36th or 35th, ensuring that 38th becomes the main route for folks in the Aspen area. Folks on 38th aren’t going to be happy. The county plans to flatten the house on the corner of 38th and Diamond. When 38th gets clogged, they’ll have to widen it – another joy for folks who live there, and more bulldozers and dynamite.The county has a master plan to transform Los Alamos and make it bright-shiny-new: lots of bulldozers and dynamite.We are about to celebrate Los Alamos’ 60th anniversary. It sure seems like the county wants to celebrate by bulldozing Los Alamos. Quo vadis, Los Alamos?Richard HannemannLos Alamos