An appeal to skateboarders

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

We feel that the main thing skateboarders (SBs) want is to skate board at an approved site as soon as they can – the sooner the better. On the other side of this problem are many citizens whose main goal is to protect and preserve the library site.

We think the SBs interest in the library site is primarily because they perceive it as being the fastest path to their goal. But, that may not be the case. The P&Z decision to use the library site is being appealed; it may be the beginning of a very long process, especially if it goes to court.

There are certainly alternative sites: East Park, several sites around the Community Building, and other sites that may show up as the downtown is changed and moves east toward the new shopping center. The new downtown transportation makes all the sites accessible in a very short time.

If we are going to spend all this money on a skateboard park then let’s make sure it is the best, most flexible, easiest to control, safest and visible park. Let’s make sure it does not interfere with a lot of foot traffic or get a lot of resident complaints. We think you will be happiest if the park is “yours” – you wouldn’t have to share it with other activities. In a lot of ways, we and the SBs have the same goals; we simply don’t agree that the library site is the best location for either you or us.

A lot of people have been working on this; maybe you could take the leadership in finding a better solution.

Colleen Hanlon

Los Alamos