Another way to promote peace

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

There have been a few letters recently criticizing the high school students for demonstrating during school hours. Some have recommended that they seek other ways to support peace. I think that would be a great idea.Perhaps they could organize a gathering, not for protesting against anyone, but to highlight the countless people and organizations that seek to bring peace and justice to our world through nonviolent means. They could have representatives from these organizations host information booths explaining their work and how others can help.I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find potential participants – even in our small town. There are all sorts of people and organizations that work to bring and maintain peace through nonviolent means. There are local groups that build homes and assist orphanages in other countries. There are local groups who help people in all kinds of crises. Even our police department seeks nonviolent means to solve disturbances and problems amongst us citizens.However, I’m sure it would not be easy. Those that seek peace often see the goal of peace through very different perspectives. Many may follow different paths towards peace. But it could be possible to look for a common ground. Perhaps the gathering could emphasize this potential.Perhaps they could have it on Mother’s Day since it is the women and children of our towns, states, nations and world who bear the brunt of the pain and suffering that comes with violence and lack of peace.Perhaps this is what the students are planning to take place at the second Mother’s Day Peace Gathering to be held May 11. Perhaps we could set some time aside and take our families to support such a project.Bob FuselierLos Alamos