Another reason to ride the bus

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By Special to the Monitor

Atomic City Transit and Los Alamos National Laboratory are co-sponsoring an Earth Day contest to reduce Los Alamos County’s carbon footprint. Driving a recent model mid-sized car 20,000 miles per year emits about 11 tons of CO2. By taking the bus for just one week, riders can reduce their emissions by about 100 pounds per vehicle.

LANL’s Environmental Protection Division will give three spot awards to LANL employees who ride Atomic City Transit the most from April 21-25. Atomic City Transit will also sponsor prizes for non-LANL employees who ride the most during the same timeframe.

If you’d like to participate, just ask the bus driver for an Earth Day Contest Card each time you ride from April 21-25 – one card per bus per ride, please.

LANL employees submit cards by May 1 to Contest, MS J978. Questions? Send an email to Dianne Wilburn at Dianne@lanl.gov.

Non-LANL employees submit cards by May 1 to: Atomic City Transit Contest, P.O. Box 30, Los Alamos, NM 87544 or hand deliver to 1925 Trinity, Suite B. Questions? Call 661-RIDE (7433).

Please include cards, name and contact information in your submittal.

To view complete contest information and current bus routes and schedules visit www.AtomicCityTransit.com. The option to subscribe for electronic updates when new transit information is posted is also available on the website.