Another alert for “Let Me In”

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By The Staff

When our daughter was cast for “Let Me In,” based on Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist’s book “Let the Right One In,” we thought the deal was a good one, $9.50 an hour, 40 hours/week, with teachers present as required by state law. Plus she was going to be in the movies! We overnighted the book to check it out. I encourage anyone involved in this movie to do the same. It is a free country but this book goes beyond bad taste. It is of the “horror” genre but it is hideous. After perusing the book, we had no problem telling our 13-year-old daughter not to have anything to do with this movie, for two reasons — first, so that she not be traumatized by it, and second that she not have her name associated with it. If your child is involved, get a copy of the book and check it out.  Should you want a copy, I’m in the phone book.

George Jennings Jr.

Los Alamos