Animal Shelter 11-04-12

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of on site adoptable pets waiting for their forever home.
Come find a companion that will give you unconditional love. Be sure to visit lafos.org, where you can get more information about volunteering, adopting and donating.
All adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, have their shots and are micro chipped. Visitor guides: Between 4-6 p.m. Friday, volunteers will be at the shelter to give potential adopters personal introductions to the adoptable animals.
Autumn — This spayed female is one of those rare breeds that doesn’t come around very often — a New Mexico Brown Dog. She is housebroken and leash-trained, just don’t try to force her to be friends with any dog smaller than her.
Axle — Axle is a playful and affectionate neutered male. The shelter temperament testers describe this Pit-mix as a total sweetheart. He would love a family that appreciates big, sloppy dog kisses.
Ciera — Spayed female Shepherd-cross who likes to get to know her human associates before she shares her story with them.
Coqueta — Six-year-old spayed female Retriever/Chow-mix surrendered. Good with adults and gentle children. Has been an outdoor dog.
Four Border Collie puppies (Desmond, Bones, Reggie and Romper) — Four-months-old, all males. They are pretty shy and the volunteers are working on socialization.
Hodi— An adorable black-and-white Spaniel/BC-mix. He is affectionate and sweet with both dogs and people and wold love to accompany his new person everywhere.
Pondi —Female German Short-hair Pointer-mix. She enjoys the company of both dogs and humans and especially enjoyed Downtown Dogs Thursday evening.
Remy — Spayed female Shepherd-mix now adapting to her new circumstances.
Rosie — This spayed female is a Lab/Greyhound-mix. She enjoys toys and obedience training.
Scooby — One-year-old spayed female Australian stumpy tail cattle dog. This little girl just wants to run! She has a blast on walks and she is very good at herding if you are not moving fast enough for her.
All cats are still two-for-one, so if you can’t make up your mind, take them both home. Most cats love having a playmate.
Brunhilda — A black-and-white spayed female. She is 18-months-old and still has lots of kitten energy. She is making friends in the cat room and also enjoys the company of adults and gentle children. She would love to show you how fast she can run.
Gracie — A petite, long-haired female Tortie. Small children are a little too overwhelming for her quiet nature. She loves catnip toys and will roll over for belly rubs any time of day, once  you gain her trust. For a personal introduction, call 505-377-5389.
Huggies — Black-and-white Tuxedo domestic short-hair kitten with eyes that are almost too big for his head. He really enjoys playing with his buddy Moonshadow.
Lizzie —Long-haired Blue Russian declawed female. Good with dogs, other cats and gentle children.
Moonshadow — Gray-and-white playful older kitten. His current hobbies include pouncing on fake mice and playing with his other kitty friends in the communal cat room.
Smokey — This sensitive Blue Russian is adjusting well to life at the shelter. He would appreciate being an only kitty, but would be fine with another kitty who understands Smokey’s shy and quiet nature.
Wussy Pillows— This spayed female came to the shelter when her people lost their home. She is still a bit shy, but is slowly learning to enjoy attention from shelter volunteers.

County ordinance requires that a roaming animal be kept for 10 days waiting for owners to claim it. Keep those tags on your pets so they can come home to you quickly.
• Quiet, adult female Tortie found on Alabama. Ask for Violet.
• Handsome domestic long-hair black cat found on La Cueva. Ask for Halloween.