Animal Shelter 08-11-13

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of adoptable pets just waiting for their forever home!
Be sure to check out the website at lafos.org, for more information about volunteering, adopting and donating, as well as read up on some of the favorite animals and learn more about special needs animals or cats and dogs that are currently in foster care. Also check out the Petfinder page for pictures and to learn more about all adoptable pets.
Also, Friends of the Shelter would like to thank Don Taylor for taking such beautiful pictures of the shelter dogs.
All adoptable pets are microchipped, spayed or neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations.
Charlie — This 18-month-old, yellow and white, German Shepherd cross was surrendered when her family moved away and couldn’t take her along. Her two favorite things are hiking and sniffing and she’s hoping that a new family will come along for her to give her a forever home with lots of exercise! She will be available for adoption starting Aug. 13.
Dallas — This spayed, female, Belgian Malinois cross is about a year old. She came into the shelter very frightened, but she has made great progress with the work of shelter volunteers. She is still a little scared of new people and would probably be best in a home without children. A dog friend might be OK after a slow introduction.
Mildred — This 18-month-old, spayed, female, Lab cross is the ideal family pet. She is a mild-mannered dog that gets along well with other dogs, as well as adults, children and even cats! Unfortunately, it was just discovered that Mildred has heartworms. This 100 percent treatable illness means that Mildred must be kept calm with very minimal exercise while she is undergoing treatment.
Onyx — This 7-month-old pit mix is currently 55 pounds and should mature to about 80 pounds. He is housebroken, good off-leash, likes to play with other dogs, adores kids and even does well with cats. He still has some adolescent energy to burn off, but his foster mom thinks that he will mature into a medium energy dog. Call 433-8617 to meet Onyx!
Randy — Talk about a perfect dog! One of the volunteers recently took this 10-month-old, German/Australian Shepherd Mix to a radio station, and she described him as “an awesome dog that would make a great hiking, biking, running and riding companion. He is intelligent, responsive, outgoing and interested in everything.” He has lots of energy and is ready to accompany you on your next big adventure!
Reggie — An 18-month old, Border Collie mix who would love a dog friend to play with! With patience and consistency, Reggie has really blossomed at the shelter and his goofy, gangly legs make the volunteers laugh. Reggie has been patiently waiting many months for his new home, and has his paws crossed that someone falls in love with him soon!
Sheila — A friendly, 2-year-old, tan, female who is housebroken, crate trained, has some obedience training, and just loves to play and go for hikes. She behaves very nicely Bella2 on a leash and in a car. Sheila wants adult companionship, because children frighten her. She also needs a good fence for those times alone, so she doesn’t exercise her climbing, excavation or agility jumping skills. For a personalized introduction to this sweet dog, call her sponsor at 231-1744.
Bennet — An 8-year-old, female, Siamese/Tabby mix. She has the beautiful, blue Siamese eyes, but doesn’t seem to have the loud Siamese voice! She is still getting used to her new living arrangements, but will approach you for pets if you sit on the floor and give her time to approach you. She has lived inside her whole life and would like to keep it that way!
Darcie — A long-haired, tortoiseshell who is finally starting to come out of her shell! She was surrendered with a few other feline friends when their person went to assisted living. For a while she was hiding under the kennels, but she has finally decided that the carpeted cat tower isn’t so bad, as long as she gets the spot on top where she can keep an eye on everyone else. She cowers a bit when you approach her, but if you pet her softly, she quickly warms up.
Firefly — This sweet tabby kitty was found roaming at the La Mesa trailer park. She’s happy to be somewhere safe and she is slowly warming up to shelter staff and volunteers. She will be going to the vet next week to be spayed and then she’ll be ready for her new home!
Owl — A 2-year-old, female, calico that is very bonded to her friend Sarabi. She is a bit shy of new people, but quickly warms up, especially if you have a toy that she likes to play with! She is reported to do well with adults, older kids and other cats. She would love to find a new home with her buddy Sarabi! Both Owl and Sarabi have been trained to use a scratching post rather than furniture, so be sure to provide some scratching posts for them!
Sarabi – A 2-year-old, gray and white, female that is very bonded to her friend Owl. She is a bit more outgoing than Owl and she would love for you to come see how soft her fur is! She would love to find a new home with her buddy Owl. Both Owl and Sarabi have been trained to use a scratching post rather than furniture.
• Because Owl and Sarabi are so bonded, we are offering a two for one adoption fee to make sure that these beautiful kitties can go to their new forever home together.
Shyanne — This very pretty 4-year-old, spayed, female Siamese mix is looking for a quiet home where she can be the only pet. Her family is very sad to part with her, but the stress of sharing a home with other cats has affected her health. Shyanne’s veterinary care is up to date, and she needs insulin twice a day. A less active home will probably make her diabetes easier to manage. To meet Shyanne in her foster home, call 412-0700.
Tabby – Tabby is one big cat! This 17-pound, orange and white, Maine Coon cross would love for you to take him home. He is our current cat room greeter and he takes his job seriously! He can sometimes be a bit snippy with the shelter volunteers, so we thought he might not be a good choice for homes with small children, but his last home reported that he did wonderfully with their 6-month old-child, and he seems to perk up when kids are in the room.
• A very scared gray cat. If you are missing your cat or dog, stop by, or call the shelter to see if any roaming animals have been dropped off.