Animal Shelter 06-24-12

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of onsite adoptable pets waiting for their forever home.
Come find a companion that will give you unconditional love. Be sure to visit lafos.org, where you can get more information about volunteering, adopting and donating. All adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, have their shots and are microchipped.

Angel — Whippet-mix, four-months-old. No permanent teeth yet. Nervous and shy, but finds new people calming, reassuring. No issues when handled or with food. Unsure in new situations, but will come around quickly with gentle encouragement.
Cheech — Affectionate Chihuahua. Loves to be held when feeling confident. Can be snappy when scared. Manageable in many homes, but we do not recommend a home with kids who can seem unpredictable to a small dog.
Daisy — Three year old female Rottie-mix. A nice dog, but very strong. Would benefit from leadership and calm and consistent training. Former owner says she’s good with kids.
Ollie — Gentle, older red Eskimo-mix. Calm, would be good in a quiet home. She is a sweet lady who is a little blind and deaf. Let her know you are close by, so she won’t be startled. Groomed by Yours Truly, Diana.
Princess — Six-year-old female Shar-Pei/Catahoula-mix. She is a little wrinkled with a gorgeous, soft coat and is a truly lovely dog. Enjoys the dog park. Calm, easy-going. Really likes people. Housebroken, nice manners.
Susie Q — Awesome three-year-old spayed female Dutch Shepherd-mix. She really wants to be with her people so the perfect home is where the owners are home most of the time and like taking her along when they go.

All cats are still two-for-one, so if you can’t make up your mind, take them both home. Most cats love having a playmate.
Allie — Senior declawed Calico female that prefers the companionship of people rather than other animals, although she could learn to coexist with select cats. Warms up quickly when  you scratch her.
Athenia — A beautiful five-year-old spayed female Calico. She is reported to do well with adults, gentle children, cats and dogs. At the shelter, she is responding well to gentle attention from staff and volunteers.
Cassie — Another plus-sized declawed orange Tabby that loves pets, but only on her terms, might do best in a home with no young children. She is very good about using the scratching post. She was recently  surrendered and is learning to adjust to the company of other cats in the cat room.
Gracie — Beautiful spayed female Tortie. Very petite and cute. She’s a bit shy, but warms up once you get to know her. Small children are too overwhelming for her. Had a dental exam courtesy of Friends of the Shelter.  
Jasmine — Black female. Will be spayed June 15. OK with cats and kids. Does not appreciate dogs. Has always been an indoor kitty.
Sunshine — Another neutered male orange Tabby. Five-years-old, out and about in the cat room, enjoying the company.
Tucker — Eight-year-old neutered male. OK with cats, does not value dogs. Mom had to move and Tucker could not go.
County ordinance requires that a roaming animal be kept for 10 days waiting for owners to claim it. Keep those tags on your pets so they can come home to you quickly.

• Teeny little four-five-week-old puppy found at White Rock Library. Ask for Cleo.
• Border Collie-mix, small, still a puppy, not too young. Found at La Mesa Trailer Park. Mostly black with a tiny bit of white. Long and fluffy hair.
• Maximus, A roamer from June 14, Rendija Canyon. Rough-coated Collie-mix (Lassie dog). About six- months-old. Very sweet, likes people, not too jumpy, good manners on leash and with food, good family pet.
• Cessna, a roamer from the airport. Golden Retriever-mix, shy but seems sweet and submissive. Seems quite thin, so may have been roaming a while.

Burma — Four-month-old spayed, female long-ear Rottie-mix. She is very shy, but is living with another dog and cats, building her confidence. Call 702-807-8878 for more information.
Simba — This sweet, elderly gentleman is just looking for a spot of sunshine on a big comfy chair. He is a long-haired orange kitty . To meet Simba, call 505-470-6973.