Animal Shelter 06-23-13

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of adoptable pets just waiting for their forever home!
Be sure to check out our new website at lafos.org, where you can get more information about volunteering, adopting, and donating, as well as read up on some of your favorite animals and learn more about special needs animals or cats and dogs that are currently in foster care.
Also check out our Petfinder page for pictures and to learn more about all of our adoptable pets: petfinder.com/shelters/friendsoftheshelter.html.
All adoptable pets are micro-chipped, spayed or neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations.
Bruce — A big brown tank — some exotic breed, no doubt! He is proving to be very nice on a leash; we highly recommend the collar on his kennel to help control the enthusiasm of this 90 pound love. He has been neutered, had his shots and is available for his new family to come find him!
Cessna — A German Shepherd/lab mix that was found near the Los Alamos airport last summer. He will give you lots of licks and tail wags! The shelter staff recently introduced Cessna to Trotsky, a male malamute mix at the shelter, and Trotsky and Cessna became best buds! So Cessna might do okay with the company of some male dogs, but might prefer the company of a “girlfriend” instead. Call Cessna’s sponsor at 231-3624 for more information.
Marmaduke — A brindle pit mix with loads of energy! Shelter volunteers have been working on helping Marmaduke learn how to walk on a leash — he just wants to go, go, go! One of the volunteers has been putting a doggy backpack on him and he loves it, so he would probably be a good hiking dog. He seems to get along better with female dogs, particularly submissive female dogs. Marmaduke just shines when he’s away from the shelter, so we know how nice he will be in a home of his own.
Penny — This 2-year-old pit bull has weaned her large litter of puppies and can’t wait to find a new home of her own. She walks nicely on leash and stays close on off-leash hikes, is crate trained, comes when called, has great mid-level energy and adores kids. She is OK with cats and other dogs. She comes with a free training consultation with Proton Pawsitive Dog Training to help her settle in. Call Jacinta at 433-8617 to meet her.
Reggie — A neutered male border collie cross, about a year old. Would do best in a quiet, patient home. He first came to the shelter as part of a large litter of frightened, unsocialized puppies. He has made wonderful progress as shelter volunteers have worked with him, taking him for walks and home visits. For a personalized introduction by someone who knows Reggie best, call 412-2074.
Romper and Fly – Year old Border Collie mixes who prefers the company of another dog to build c nfidence and help him into a new home. Both are very shy, but will bond with their person, given enough time and consistency. To meet Romper or Fly in their foster home, call 412-3451.
Shelia — A 2-year-old tan female who is housebroken, crate trained, has some obedience training, and just loves to play and go for hikes. Sheila wants adult companionship, because children frighten her. She also needs a good fence for those times alone, so she doesn’t exercise her climbing, excavation or agility jumping skills.
Trotsky — an Alaskan Malamute mix found near Bandelier. A sweet boy who is good with Cessna and Sheila. He is wearing a cone to keep him from worrying his recent neuter incision, which should come off soon. Brushing is a happy event and helps with that beautiful, thick coat.
Bingley — This beautiful, gray and tan, long-haired girl would love for you to come see how pretty and soft her coat is! She took a few days to figure out that the cat room isn’t a big scary place, and once her friend Wickham comes out for some attention, Bingley isn’t far behind. This sweet girl would make a great companion for someone looking for a lap cat with lots of love to give. Call 377-5389 for more information about Miss Bingley.
Darcie — A long-haired tortoiseshell that is still a bit nervous about coming out for attention. She was surrendered with Wickham and Bingley when their person went to assisted living and Darcie just needs a little more time to adjust. She still prefers hiding under the kennels, but if you crawl down on the floor and talk with her, she happily accepts some loving! She has her paws crossed that you’ll come meet her when she is ready for visitors!
Inky — This Spayed, female black and white, tuxedo kitty originally came in with her litter of kittens, but that won’t happen to her again. She is friendly and ready for a human family.
Jammers — A 12-year-old orange tabby surrendered with Mocha. This kitty has vet care updated, is afraid of loud children and would feel safest in a quiet home with littermate Mocha.
Kittens — Several kittens will be returning from foster care as they recover from spay/neuter and can be adopted. Kittens do best where they can receive gentle attention and where their kitten play does not cause distress about things like draperies and expensive furniture.
Mamacita — Mamacita’s three kittens have found homes, and now Mama wants a home of her own! She has been spayed, so this family situation will not be happening to her again. This petite, mackerel tabby has beautiful markings and a soft coat. She lets out a cute little chirp when she’s happy.
Mocha — A12-year-old spayed female surrendered for adoption with her littermate when her lifetime owner developed allergies. She is a beautiful, light, chocolate tabby. Her vet care is now updated. Would love to be adopted with her littermate Jammers, who is more shy.
Tabby — A big and friendly, a lovely orange and white, neutered, Maine coon cross male. His long coat will need frequent brushing. This sweet cat has had bad luck when the last several adoptive families have had to move and couldn’t bring him along. Can anyone give this gentle giant a permanent loving home?
Tarzana — A lovely female tabby — being your best friend is my game! She likes to stare at people with piercing eyes, until they finally pet her and then, oh boy, she purrs. If someone is looking for a cat that will greet them at the door and snuggle on the couch, this is the girl.
Wickham — A spayed, female, tortoiseshell who has quickly warmed up to volunteers and will rub against your legs when she wants some attention. If you pet her for a while, she will roll over and show you the little white spots on her belly!
Ozzie — This 10-year-old, black and white, male kitty is a very fine gentleman. He has assumed the role of Cat Room Greeter, making everyone feel welcome. He is doing great with all of the other cat room residents.
Shyanne — This very pretty 4-year-old spayed female Siamese mix is looking for a quiet home where she can be the only pet. Her family is very sad to part with her, but the stress of sharing a home with other cats has affected her health. Shyanne’s veterinary care is up to date, but she needs insulin twice a day. A less active home will probably make her diabetes easier to manage. To visit Shyanne in foster care, call 412-0070.
• Gentle, quiet Rottie mix found at the golf course
• Two four to five-month-old pups found at East Gate. Clyde is a small black male with a short tail. Cassidy is a medium size fawn/white hound mix female. Both seem very sweet.