Animal Shelter 04-28-13

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of onsite adoptable pets just waiting for their forever home! Others are currently off-campus in loving foster homes. Be sure to visit the Friends of the Shelter web site: lafos.org.
All adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, have their shots and come microchipped!
Calypso — Gentle brindle-point black lab found roaming near Pueblo Complex. His family never found him, so he’s looking for his new forever home! He loves to go for walks, particularly if there’s a big grassy patch along the way where he can take a break and roll in the grass. He seems to bounce rather than walk, so you know he’s having fun! He prefers a home with a person that is home more often than not, and he doesn’t enjoy sharing his home with cats. When left home alone, Calypso might do best in a crate.
Cessna — German shepherd/lab mix that was found near the Los Alamos airport last summer. He has spent the past few months as mostly an outdoor dog, and would love to find a new family that will take him out for long walks so that he can regain the svelte figure that he once had. He will give you lots of licks and tail wags in return! Cessna prefers not to share his humans with other male dogs.
Chaparral — One-year-old, all-white female. The shelter staff and volunteers think she is some type of lab, retriever, great Pyrenees mix. Whatever mix she is, she’s cute, bouncy and playful! She hasn’t interacted with any of the shelter dogs yet, but loves attention from people.
Fly – An 11-month-old border collie mix who is still very shy and prefers the company of her sibling Romper. She is living in a foster home where she is gaining confidence. To meet Fly in her foster home, call 412-3451.
Marmaduke — A large brindle pit mix. He was found roaming. He is a nice boy, but engages in a lot of loud talking at the fence so we have not yet tried him with dogs other than Memphis.
Memphis – A medium-size female blond lab mix that was roaming. She is very energetic and we are just getting to know her.
Maya – One-year-old chocolate lab with lots of puppy energy! You would almost never know that she’s blind. Maya is in foster care because all the barking at the shelter can be extremely frightening, but she would love to meet you. Call 231-3882 to meet Maya in her foster home.
Penny — This 2-year old pit bull has weaned her large litter of puppies and can’t wait to find a new home. She walks nicely on leash and stays close on off-leash hikes, and she comes when called. Great mid-level energy and adores kids, OK with cats and other dogs. She comes with a free training consultation with Proton Pawsitive Dog Training to help her settle in. Call Jacinta at 433-8617 to meet her.
Reggie – An 11-month-old border collie mix who would love a dog friend to play with! With patience and consistency, Reggie has really blossomed at the shelter, and his goofy, gangly legs make the volunteers laugh. A dog friend would really help him settle in to his new home. Reggie has been patiently waiting many months for his new home, and has his paws crossed that someone falls in love with him soon!
Romper – An 11-month-old border collie mix who prefers the company of another dog to build confidence and help him settle into a new home. He is very shy, but will bond with his person, given enough time and consistency. To meet Romper in his foster home, call 412-3451.
Turbo – A two-year-old brown and white male dog seeking endless tennis ball tosses and a loving owner who will make sure that Turbo gets his twice daily (inexpensive) thyroid medication. Turbo is a bit large for small children, but he enjoys the company of adults, female dogs and some male dogs.
Benji – An orange tabby, just a year old, shy, but not feral. Reported to do well with older cats, small dogs, cat toys, treats and quiet attention. Look up to find Benji on top of kennels.
Billy – beautiful flame-point Siamese cross, just a year old, who came in with Benji. Shy, but not feral. Reported to enjoy older cats, small dogs, cat toys, treats and quiet attention.
Bennet – 8-year-old female Siamese/Tabby mix. She has the beautiful blue Siamese eyes, but doesn’t seem to have the loud Siamese voice. She is still getting used to her new living arrangements, but will approach you for pets if you sit on the floor and give her time to approach you. She has lived inside her whole life and would like to keep it that way!
Darcie – Female tortie who loves to rub up against your legs for attention. She will roll over and show you the little white spots on her belly if you brush her for a while.
Tabby — A large, strikingly handsome, very friendly Maine coon cross neutered male about 8 years old. Tabby is reported to love adults, gentle children, cats and gentle dogs. He just had a veterinary update and settled right into the common room at the shelter. He even brought a shy kitty out of hiding to share the fun. Tabby has a distinctive orange mustache. He would like his long, flowing coat to be brushed daily.