Anguish over unleashed dog’s fatal attack

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Our precious, loving and well-loved puppy Sally Rose had to be euthanized Sunday Oct. 30 after she was viciously  attacked by a free-roaming big dog  about 9 am. on the public sidewalk on the south side  of San Ildefonso between Camino Durasnilla and Camino Uva.
Ann was  walking Sally on a short regular leash (NOT a retractable version) with Sally on the sidewalk doing nothing but walking and sniffing the ground when a very  big dog lunged out of the bushes by the sidewalk and grabbed Sally, trying to pull  her into the bushes,  thrashing her, obviously intent from the onset on killing her.
Ann did all she could to drive the dog away, screaming and holding Sally  while several cars drove by without ANYONE stopping to help. When Ann did get Sally out of the dog’s jaws it repeatedly jumped at our puppy, biting her and  pulling her out of Ann’s arms three times.
I got there within minutes of  getting a cell call from Ann and we rushed Sally, at illegal speeds, to the only emergency vet available on Sunday - in Santa Fe.
She was alive when we got there, but her injuries were too grave to survive. Three witnesses identified the dog as most likely a boxer mix (tan/rust).
If you see or know of such a dog within roaming distance of North Mesa, please call Animal Control at 662-8222. Maybe your pet or child can be spared the pain and  anguish inflicted on our puppy and family.

Ken and Ann Stroh
Los Alamos