Angela Warren: Caroline Crale’s sister

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By Special to the Monitor

Editor’s note: This story and the following story are part of a series introducing the characters featured in Agatha Christie’s “Go Back For Murder” production at Los Alamos Little Theater.

My name is Angela Warren and I am Caroline’s sister. I know that I’ve forgotten many of the details of the day of the murder, as I am sure so many of the other people who were there that day have.
I was only a teenager and I wasn’t interested in someone being dead. I was only focused on the fact that Amyas was sending me off to boarding school.
I really hated him for that. He had no right to just send me away to get rid of me. So when I was around Amyas, I spent my time thinking up ways to play pranks on him. That kept me entertained for some time, at least until he was dead.
Well, it’s finally happened. Someone is trying to exonerate my sister Caroline for the murder of her husband. I was so young when my sister was taken away from me and put into prison. And they took her away from me while I was at school.
Who could be so heartless to separate me from her? I’ve always known that she couldn’t possibly be guilty and I hope that Carla can figure out who really did kill Amyas.
Of course, I’m not sure she’ll find the answer she’s looking for. 16 years is so long ago. I just hope she either figures out who Amyas’ killer is, or gives up this case in time for me to catch my boat.

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