Anderson hooks big Tiger Musky

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Amy Anderson wasn’t about to let her fish go. The fish wasn’t going to give in without a fight.
Anderson and husband Stan Kosiewicz caught a couple of big Tiger Muskies while on a trip to Bluewater Lake June 12.
Kosiewicz, who is no strangers to big catches, reeled in a 35-inch, 15-pound Tiger Musky out of Bluewater Lake, located about 40 miles west of Grants. But that fish was dwarfed by his wife’s catch.
Anderson snagged a 42-inch, 25-pound Tiger Musky about an hour later. Anderson had to wrestle with the fish for about 15 minutes before finally getting it aboard their boat.
Kosewicz said the fish actually dove down and went under the boat during the fight before Anderson finally wore it out and landed it. The Tiger Musky stripped the line off her reel during the fight.
Tiger muskies are hybrids of Northern Pikes and Muskies and feature needle-like teeth. Anderson’s catch actually bit her finger as she was attempting to unhook it.
Anderson’s catch made the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish’s “Catches of the Week” for the state.
Another Los Alamos resident, Mike Waldschmidt, also made the list. He landed a 20-inch catfish at Abiquiu Lake, getting that fish with a worm during a Father’s Day outing.
Anderson and Kosiewicz both made their catches with lures. Along with the two big Tiger Muskies they reeled in, they also caught three smaller fish ranging in size from 27-30 inches.


All of the fish Anderson and Kosiewicz caught were released back into the lake.