Anastasio briefs Vice President Biden

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White House meeting focused on U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile

By The Staff

Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Michael Anastasio participated in a White House briefing Wednesday.

The White House released a brief “readout” of the meeting Vice President Joe Biden held with directors of the national security labs.

The subject of the meeting was the state of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile.

The White House reported that Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Deputy Enrgy Secretary Dan Poneman, National Nuclear Security Administrator Tom D’Agostino, and officials from the Departments of State and Defense were also present.

Along with Anasasio, George Miller from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Tom Hunter from Sandia National Laboratory briefed Biden.

The announcement said Biden hosted the briefing as part of the administration’s ongoing commitment to maintain a safe, secure and effective nuclear arsenal, to fulfill the President’s vision of a world without nuclear weapons and to ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.”