Amendments designed to clarify; simplify

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The amendments presented in the November ballot questions are designed to clarify or simplify certain process oriented provisions in the Charter.  Others are intended to make the Charter consistent with state law. None of the proposed amendments reduce or limit role of the public in county government. Los Alamos voters are asked to consider eleven ballot questions.  
•Question 1 addresses home-rule provision by removing ambiguous language and by clearly stating that the Charter is intended to provide maximum self governance consistent with the New Mexico Constitution and the Municipal Charter Act.
•Question 2 relates to issues in Article II and is primarily “clean up”.   Question 2 adds the ability of the Council to amend a proposed ordinance and hear the amended ordinance at a future meeting not less than seven days from the initial meeting that considered the ordinance.  
•Question 2 also clarifies the language relating to the passage of emergency ordinances and allows for passage of an emergency ordinance by a majority of vote of councilors present.
•Question 3 is intended to address the very unusual event of when four or more vacancies on the council may occur at the same time.  For example, when an accident might cause several councilors to die at the same time.  
•Question 4 clarifies that an ordinance must provide for the method by which councilors and other elected officials are reimbursed.  
•Question 5 clarifies language relating to Boards, Commissions and Ad Hoc Committees.  
•Question 6 proposes to amend Article VI of the Charter to bring it in line with state election laws and clarifies language relating to council elections and provides a method for resolving ties by lot.
•Question 7 is intended to amend the Charter to remove nonsensical and superfluous language in the Article IX provision relating to the Capital Projects Permanent Fund.
•Question 8 proposes to amend the Charter to require that proscriptions on county employee political activities will be done by an ordinance that is consistent with federal and state law.
•Question 9 eliminates the Charter provision in Article IX relating to suing and serving a lawsuit on the County that in its present form conflicts with state law.  
•Question 10 amends the Charter to track state law regarding the publication of legal notices.  
•Question 11 amends the Charter to remove to the anarchistic reference to military law and replace it with modern terminology – “emergency law.”
As chair of the Charter Review Committee (CRC) and chair of the CRC Clarification and Consistency Subcommittee, we encourage everyone to approve these simplification and clarification changes to our Charter.

 CRC Chair John C. Hopkins,
 Chair Christine Chandler
 Clarification  and
Consistency Subcommittee