Alleged burglar nabbed

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Crime > LAPD picks up suspect, accused of robbing Smart House

The long arm of the Los Alamos Police Department recently went all the way to Madisonville, Texas, to get a burglary suspect.
In this case, that man happened to be suspect Timber Morrow. Police are accusing Morrow of burglarizing the “Smart House” in 2013.
The Smart House, located at 1925 Trinity Drive, is a testing ground for new energy distribution technology. It’s a collaboration between the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology and Development Organization.
According to an earlier story that appeared in the Los Alamos Monitor, the house includes two sources of alternative power and is hooked into the LANL’s and NEDO’s larger, experimental “Smart Grid” of photovoltaic cells that is currently supplying approximately 1 megawatt of power to Los Alamos.
According to that story, “features of the house include passive solar design, its own PV array and storage battery to augment power from the grid, a ‘smart’ meter to indicate usage and power supply available in real time and smart appliances as well as an HVAC system that responds to the amount of power available. Computer systems that allow residents to monitor and control usage are being demonstrated and tested by Kyocera, NEC and Sharp.”
One of those “smart” appliances was allegedly stolen by Morrow when the Smart House was broken into during the early morning hours of Dec. 2.
According to court documents, Morrow was allegedly caught on camera around 4 a.m. smuggling a $300 Sharp brand tablet out the door with his jacket.
To gain access to the house, Morrow allegedly smashed in the glass front door with rocks. Some of the rocks, police said, also broke apart the walls inside, causing over $1,000 in damages to the interior of the building.
According to police, besides the videotape, blood found at the scene also matched Morrow’s.
While still in custody, Morrow made his first appearance in Los Alamos Magistrate Court on Thursday, where Judge Pat Casados formally read the charges against him.
The charges include burglary, a third-degree felony, criminal damage, fourth-degree felony and misdemeanor larceny.
If convicted on all counts, Morrow could spend five and half years in jail.
As of press time, Morrow was being held on a $9,000 cash or surety bond.
Casados told him that if he does bond out, he’s not allowed to leave New Mexico until his guilt or innocence is determined.