Alleged burglar arraigned

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Courts>Police find methamphetamine on accused man

By Tris DeRoma

A former tenant who is being accused of burglarizing his landlord’s home was arraigned in court recently. His conditions of release were also set, though things were complicated somewhat by his allegedly testing positive for illegal drugs while out on bail before his arraignment in district court.
The defendant, Danny Hall, was allegedly caught burgling his landlord’s home as well as damaging the property.
“Mr. Hall was renting a room from a mother and daughter and when the mother and daughter were out, he ransacked the house. When they came home, they found it disheveled and several items missing,” said Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist to First District Court Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer. He added that those items were later found in his room.
When he was arrested later, police also found methamphetamine on his person. Wahlquist also alleged that when he was released on bail, he violated his conditions of release by testing positive for illegal drugs during a urinalysis check.
“I think a $10,000 cash-only bond with electronic monitoring is appropriate in this case,” Wahlquist said. He also noted that Hall does have a violent criminal history and that his former landlord fears him as well, due to the recent incident. Wahlquist also mentioned that Hall had a statewide warrant out for his arrest in Colorado.
“They are extremely afraid of him,” said Wahlquist.
However, Hall’s attorney, Tyr Loranger, said Hall was a “long time resident” of New Mexico and Los Alamos, and that he holds a job as a clerk at a gas station in town.

that he holds a job as a clerk at a gas station in town. He asked Sommer to release Hall on his own recognisance. He noted that the court violated its own laws by waiting past a legally set deadline before his arraignment.
“First and foremost I’d like to point out to the court that the criminal information in both these cases (burglary, drugs) was filed on the 13th of November and we’re here for an arraignment on the ninth of December…” said Loranger in court. “This arrangement was to have occurred within 15 days of the filing of that criminal information.”
Loranger also said the state had “no facts or basis” that he was a flight risk to the community as well.
As for his positive drug test, Loranger said the state did not give Hall a “baseline” test when Hall apparently told his probation officer that he did have illegal drugs in his system.
Sommer placed Hall under a $2500 cash surety bond for each case. He was also placed on electronic drug/alcohol monitoring, and must also stay 25 yards away from the victims in public and 100 yards away from the victim’s work and residence.
Sommer also declined Loranger’s request to have the case dismissed or released on his own recognizance due to the length of time it took to arraign Hall in district court based on the fact that district court hearings are only heard in Los Alamos once a week.