All open spaces in LA County important

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I do not golf, yet many years ago when there was a proposal to use our current course for houses and to move the course to Bayo Canyon, I supported the golfing community in its opposition to such a move, as I believe having a functional golf course enhances the quality of life in our community and the “visually open space” created by the course is an additional attractive feature for the community.
Even though there currently is a heavy subsidy for the course, I support improving the irrigation systems, increasing maintenance and rebuilding the clubhouse in order to maintain this community asset. However, I cannot and do not support the expansion of the course at the expense of hiking trails and trees, especially after such devastating destruction to our forests and trails by fires.
Even though I live in White Rock and rarely use “townsite” hiking trails, I believe that our trail system is as much or more of a community asset, as is the golf course.
We have to balance our recreational offerings and should not allow one to override another, especially one that requires such a substantial subsidy from the general community.  
Furthermore, as evidenced by the recent pool vote, our elected officials need to pay attention to fiscal realities, especially with the myriad of significantly expensive projects already underway.

Kim Thomas
Los Alamos