All about Ashley Pond

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Dear Editor:
   The original pond would collect water in the wet months, and it could be useful, especially for livestock and wildlife, and if fortunate in the winter it would have enough ice to cut blocks from for the ice house.  In the early 20s, a pipe was built from Los Alamos Creek and a pump installed so that the pond could be kept deeper and prevented from turning into a mud pit in the dryer months.  The Los Alamos Ranch School was in a continual process of improving its property and the effectiveness of its operations.  The depression that we play on, and sit upon, and watch kids roll downward on represents the depth of the pond when water was pumped from the canyon.  
   I am not someone with special knowledge, but from the stories I have heard, the deeper pond stayed cleaner, the circulation provided by the regular need for pumping fresh water, the rains and harvesting of ice.  I wonder if making the pond deeper along with the modern provisions for distribution of and circulation of its water, without fish that are not ever harvested, could be part of a solution.  Making it something too different would be fictionalizing the pond, just as keeping it too small fictionalizes what was Ashley Pond.  I wish that I knew what made the depression in the first place, but it may have been dredged so as to make it deeper.  If it was stocked with fish, the fish were caught and eaten, and a balance was kept with the added pleasure of being able to fish.  My suggestion then is to stop adding exotic fish.  
   Some ponds in the Jemez have natural water lilies and other kinds of pond life even above 7500 ft. in elevation.  It would be less fiction for the Historic District which includes the pond if it could be naturalized, in an intelligent manner.  Room for a slope is there even if the pond is deeper.  A walkway around it is good for the present enjoyment and protection of the pond edge.
Meantime, the perfect place for a concert pavilion is where the park is level, or across from the pond to the south where a mall with flowers a fountain, and a multilevel terracing toward a canyon stage would be lovely.
Linda Goforth
Los Alamos