Airport Basin Site appeal hearing recessed

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By Carol A. Clark

With a real possibil  ity that an appeal of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s July 8 decision to approve the site plan of the Airport Basin development might be withdrawn, County Council voted to recess Friday’s meeting and postpone the appeal hearing.

Los Alamos County Attorney Mary McInerny said the appeal was filed by an adjoining property owner, Cabot, Cabot & Forbes Los Alamos Investment Company LLC of Boston, Mass., on the basis of placement of the fueling facility on the site.

“Because of the importance of the Airport Basin development to the county of Los Alamos, the county was prepared to move expeditiously to have council hear the appeal,” she said.

McInerny explained that she was prepared to ask Council to waive its Development Code Appeal Procedures, which she said are not part of the county code, to consider an alternate schedule.

“In a call between Tony Mortillaro, assistant county administrator, and Mr. John Pirovano, president of Old Mountain Company, a member company of the LLC, the county agreed to provide the fire code provisions concerning the fueling facility location and information concerning the fueling tanks to Mr. Pirovano for his engineer’s review,” she said. “The county provided that information last night around 7 p.m. MDT to Mr. Pirovano.”

McInerny informed council that Pirovano told Mortillaro that if his engineer agreed that the fire codes were met, that he would withdraw the filed appeal. McInerny added that Pirovano and Mortillaro agreed that the decision whether to withdraw the appeal would be made and communicated to the county no later than noon Monday.

“Therefore, I would ask the Council to recess this meeting until a time certain on Tuesday to learn that the appeal has been withdrawn, she said, or to hear the county’s request for a waiver of council’s appeal procedures and to set an alternate schedule on the appeal.”

Councilors voted 5-to-0 in favor of McInerny’s request. Councilors Jim Hall and Nona Bowman were absent for Friday’s special meeting in council chambers, which concluded in about 15 minutes.