An afternoon in Andalusia

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From a Press Release

The Pajarito Spanish Dance Alliance will present its first recital of Flamenco and Spanish Dance at 3 p.m. April 16 in the Pajarito Room at Fuller Lodge.  
The company is directed by Ellen Walton and includes students and professional artists from Los Alamos, Taos, Santa Fe, Dixon and La Jara.   
Arturo Montoya, Kevin Rendón and Robert Romero will be on guitar. Dancers Catalina Rio Fernandez, Mary Woolston and Ellen Walton will join students Emily Brown, Bob Davis, Chris Jeffrey, Donna Martin, Opale Schappert, Annie Smith and Diane Trujillo in a variety of both, traditional Flamenco and classical Spanish dances.  
The art of Flamenco comes from Andalusia, the southernmost part of Spain, where nomadic peoples from Europe, India and North Africa established a unique culture of music and dance, drawing from the songs and movements of their ancestors.
The songs are often about romance, religious devotion, or the oppressive rule of the foreign culture under which they lived.  Historically, Flamenco was performed for friends and family with the occasional curious onlooker. Flamenco as an art for the stage was not fully developed until the 19th century.
The classical Spanish music and dance tradition incorporates regional folk elements in a structure more familiar to western audiences than Flamenco. The dances often include the playing of castanets with movement that bears a resemblance to classical ballet.
In fact, dance steps, which later evolved into the vocabulary of classical ballet were first imported to France from Spain and Italy by King Louis XIV in the 17th century.
The hour-long program, “An Afternoon in Andalucía,” will include pieces from Spanish operetta, the opera “Carmen Sevillanas,” and traditional Flamenco songs and dances such as tangos, alegrías, bulerías and seguidiyas.
A reception will follow the performance. Admission is free, but seat reservations may be made by calling 505-412-0104 or sending an email to FlamencoNuevoMexico@hotmail.com.  Donations are appreciated.
The Pajarito Spanish Dance Alliance is incorporating as a 501(c) 3 non-profit, which will bring together artists and students from Northern New Mexico to learn, teach and perform the art of Flamenco and all Spanish dance and song.