Adele: Rumor has it, she’s fabulous

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By Alexandra Hehlen

After seeing her take it all at the Grammys this year, my growing interest in Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or just Adele for short, was sparked and I realized how little I knew about her life and how she became the successful musician she is today.
I have loved her music since her song, “Someone Like You,” and I, along with millions of other listeners, was awestruck by her powerful voice, heart-wrenching lyrics and emotion. Vogue conducted an interview with Adele recently, making her the magazine’s cover girl in the March issue, and I learned practically everything I needed to know about her.
Adele was born on May 5, 1988 in Tottenham, England. The singer’s mother, along with the help of relatives on her side of the family, took care of and raised Adele, whose father left the family when she was three years old.
Her albums are mainly inspired by past relationships, in which she has not had the best of luck. She is said to have fallen madly in love with an unnamed man, who broke her heart. Her album, “21” was based on her emotional struggle through the end of the relationship.
Although she is not grieving over it now, the memories of the time when her relationship ended, still bring back strong emotions for her.
This never goes unnoticed when she performs onstage, though. She does not just sing her songs; she performs them as if she had just written them, still saturated with strong feelings.
At the apogee of “21,” Adele encountered a new problem. On a radio show in Paris, she lost her voice. After flying back to London, she was diagnosed with acute laryngitis.
Her difficulties were recurring and she experienced a vocal hemorrhage. She saw another doctor, who performed surgery on her vocal chords.
Adele slowly regained her voice. She started off humming, then singing along to bits of songs. Soon enough, her voice was good as new.
Her first performance after her recovery was at the Grammys. She told Vogue that she was nervous, but when the time came, her mind-blowing performance of “Rolling in the Deep,” with an added twist, showcased her recovery and certainly knocked everyone’s socks off.
She showed America what a strong person she is and how she was able to pull through yet another hard time in her life.
Despite her emotional songs and past experiences, Adele has an effervescent personality. With her distinct British accent and wide vocabulary, she seems to make everyone laugh.
She speaks aloud at her performances, to her fans and with all her heart. She tells the background of her songs, but nonetheless, always manages to create a humorous atmosphere.
We don’t know when her next album will come out, but we do know that if she writes another one, it will not be for quite a while, and probably will not be about an old boyfriend.
She said she needs to take care of her voice and that she would like to take some time for herself.
Her fans may be a bit disappointed by the news, but in my opinion, Adele’s songs are timeless.
I can listen to them repeatedly and never get bored. And, come on, maybe it is about time that the hardworking artist gets a break.