Activists plan LANL peace vigil

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Trinity Nuclear Abolition to denounce war and practice forgiveness Sunday

Trinity Nuclear Abolition (TNA) is set to hold an extended prayer vigil this weekend at Los Alamos National Laboratory and around Ashley Pond.

Beginning at noon Sunday and ending at noon Monday, the group will gather to pray in front of the laboratory at the corner of West Jemez Road and Diamond Drive.

“This Father’s Day prayer vigil is concurrent with Holy Trinity Sunday,” TNA spokesman Marcus Page said. “We expect eight or nine members Sunday and about 15 members Monday and Donna Martinez has assured us that LANL will not disturb our peaceful vigil.”

Martinez works in security at the lab and confirmed this morning that the group did receive authorization to conduct its vigil from noon to 6 p.m. Sunday and 6 a.m. to noon Monday.
Los Alamos Police Deputy Chief Kevin Purtymun addressed the situation from a law enforcement perspective.

“Over the years, these prayer vigils and protests have been peaceful,” he said. “The individuals involved are exercising their rights. If any violation of county or state law should occur, then we would take the appropriate action.”

“As demonstrated in the past, the activities of TNA do not disrupt the peace for LANL workers,” Page said. “We believe that LANL’s nuclear weapons work is a spiritual problem requiring a spiritual solution. The safety of all creatures, including LANL employees and visitors, is of prime concern to TNA, which conducts events that are peaceful and nonviolent, and do not damage anyone’s property.”

For the last four years, TNA has protested LANL’s “noncompliance with U.S. constitutional duties and U.S. treaty obligations,” Page said, adding that TNA conducts monthly vigils to remind the public and LANL employees that the laboratory is actively conducting “international criminal activity, as shown by the nuclear bomb pit production work at the Chemistry Metallurgy Research facility and as LANL continues to build the new CMRR replacement building.”

“The reason for spending 24 hours on this spiritual work at this time is that Father’s Day joining with Holy Trinity Sunday is a powerful social moment,” he said. “It’s a window through which we might finally achieve nuclear abolition starting with LANL obeying the divine masculine mandate. As radicals, we embrace the original concepts of fatherhood and the Holy Trinity.”

The Raging Grannies and Radical Cheerleaders of Albuquerque are scheduled to participate in this weekend’s vigil.

Each event lasts 30 minutes, starting at the top of the hour, followed by 30 minutes of nuclear education and open dialog.
Noon - opening ceremony at LANL
1 p.m. - walking meditation
2 p.m. - drumming meditation
3 p.m. - singing meditation with Radical cheerleaders
4 p.m. - liturgy
5 p.m. - silent meditation
6 p.m. - transport across bridge to county territory
7 p.m. - picnic dinner for those not fasting
8 p.m. - singing meditation
9 p.m. - snoring meditation
10 p.m.- 3 a.m. (Monday) - snoring meditation continues
4 a.m. - snoring meditation
5 a.m. - picnic breakfast, followed by transport across bridge to LANL
6 a.m. - singing meditation
7 a.m. - reprise meditation with Radical Cheerleaders
8 a.m. - drumming meditation
9 a.m. - walking meditation
10 a.m. - drum down Babylon
11 a.m. - singing led by Raging Grannies and closing ceremony at LANL