Abortion is not a good health plan

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

When we consider who to vote for in this election we must consider if the candidates “plans” are rhetoric or heartfelt plans. Are they a result of personal passion and conviction? Or is it just because the political wind is blowing that direction?  

 Obama’s health care stance must be political wind.  I realized that if a baby survives an abortion Obama would let the baby die, rather than calling in a doctor to save its life. In the Illinois State Senate, he voted four times against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. He stated that he would have voted for it had it had the same wording of the federal bill. Obama, himself, was the committee chair in the Illinois State Senate that would not allow the federal wording in the bill. One must believe that his vote FOUR times against comforting and saving babies born alive, after a failed abortion, shows it is impossible for him to truly care for you or others.  If he can’t care for a living baby, then how can he care about anyone?  The conclusion must be drawn that he is speaking through political necessity.  

Although there are many disagreements on abortion, I believe nearly all can find common ground on born alive infants. They must receive care. Furthermore, nearly all of us are in agreement on partial birth abortion.  Obama has declared that the first thing he will do is to pass the Freedom of Choice Act which would reinstate the brutal procedure of partial birth abortion banned by Congress and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. It allows a baby all the way up to delivery to be killed by inserting a sharp object into the base of the skull to remove the brain, allowing the dead baby to be delivered easily. These two issues, lack of protection for born alive babies and partial birth abortion, should show his insincerities when he expresses concern for our nation’s needs. If you vote for Obama, just WHO and WHAT are you voting for? How will he respond to your needs?

Respectfully a McCain supporter,

Vivian Westfall

Los Alamos