Abney pleads guilty to child abuse charge

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Tyrell Abney, 20, pleaded guilty to third-degree child abuse Wednesday in Los Alamos District Court before Judge Shari Raphaelson.

Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist said Abney received three years probation. He also was sentenced to three years and three years suspended.

“If he violates the terms of his probation, he could serve time,” Wahlquist said. “If he violates it tomorrow, he will have to serve three years. If he violates it a year from now, he will have to serve two years.”

Wahlquist said Abney has relinquished his parental rights to the child and Wahlquist thinks Abney has no contact with the mother.

“I doubt he has contact with the mom,” Wahlquist said.

Wahlquist also said that Abney has moved away from Los Alamos.

“I believe this was a just resolution to the case based on all the factors,” Wahlquist said.

The charge stemmed from an incident last year during which the child’s mother Nicole Allison — who had left the baby in the care of Abney, her fiancé — called dispatch after receiving a call from Abney stating that he allegedly dropped their 11-week-old son at their Los Alamos apartment, an arrest affidavit states.

Police could not locate Abney or Allison at the residence and later learned that Abney had taken the infant to the Los Alamos Medical Center on foot, the arrest affidavit stated at the time.

The affidavit also indicated that Los Alamos Police Detective Paige Early overheard an emergency room doctor tell UNM Hospital that there “looks like there is a contusion” — or bruise on the child. Early also saw at least three other areas on the baby’s head and face where there were visible injuries and overheard the child’s pediatrician state that the injuries “did not look like it came from a fall.”

Wahlquist said the baby was in the care of CYFD and then reunited with Allison “a couple of months ago.”

Wahlquist was not certain if the baby sustained any permanent injuries but the child was doing well. “That’s the latest update I heard,” Wahlquist said.