2012 ’Topper Revue review

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By Andrew Li

Laudable humor, B-movie-vibe stories and genuine talent are the most defining characteristics of ’Topper Revue 2012, “Breaking the Bank,” and as always, the show didn’t disappoint.  
The show begins with emcees Mireya Bouquin, Amethyst Collins, Bob Collom, Molly Finn, Kevin Smale and Kayla Suazo as they attempt to rob Los Alamos National Bank.
Finn leads her emcee comrades into the bank to get money for college because they’re too lazy to apply for scholarships.
Collins isn’t too keen on the idea of committing a robbery and Smale, with his oh-so-dashing good looks, is mostly along for the ride.  
But the emcees’ banter is unforgettable. The happy-go-lucky Disney-loving personality of Suazo contrasts nicely with Finn’s serious demeanor and Collum’s laughable lines (in a good way) keep the TR spirit alive and on its feet.  
Anyone who’s seen this show or any other ’Topper Revue in the past, knows how this adventure is going to turn out, but the fun and humor to be had in “Breaking the Bank” is still worth it.
This is not to say that TR was flawless, however.  The emcees’ expedition was filled with so many wisecracks, pop culture references and LA-exclusive jokes that it seems they left out room for people from various acts to appear in the emcees’ story, which was a huge bonus last year.
Remember the Piano Fiasco in which the janitors stole the emcees’ microwave last year?  Also, it seems as if the writers spent too much time coming up with a good story, that they got tired writing the end, because it just didn’t feel that momentous or silly for a really momentous and silly story.
But hear me out: the humor, B-movie vibe and acting were all great, it just wouldn’t have hurt to add the details mentioned above.  Just saying.  
The minor issues in the emcees’ performances instantly became second nature when I saw ’Topper Revue’s 18 acts.  
Even though you can count the number of non-musical acts (skits) with just your fingers, every act was exhilarating in its own right and they only added to the soul of ’Topper Revue.  
So in order to save the best stuff for last, I’ll deal with the biggest problem in the acts first. There were too many jokes about LAHS teacher Gary Houfek.
The emcees’ Houfek joke with the balaclavas was great, but the act, “Los Alamos Folks” would’ve been far better off without all the Houfek jokes with the shovel and cheese hat.
But even at that, every act was something to remember; there were no really boring run-of-the-mill acts that I forgot about as soon as I left the auditorium.  
So  putting all my thoughts in a box, you know what to expect in a ’Topper Revue show, but the awesome you get always changes, and that keeps the spirit alive and prevents it from getting stale. 

In a nutshell

Likes: Fresh, original humor just like always; minimal technical issues; acts were solid and didn’t seem put together at the last minute; plenty of very memorable acts.

Dislikes: Fewer skits than ever; meager ending; people from acts don’t interact with emcees; Houfek jokes got old fast.