11-5-10 Bible Answers

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Pastor Chuck McCullough

“Halloween was on Sunday this year. That made me wonder again if Christians should celebrate this ‘holiday.’ ” — Chris

Many Christians do not “celebrate” Halloween as a matter of both faith and conscience.  Adequate biblical justification may be found to justify avoiding this holiday, which has its roots in paganism. Furthermore, Halloween is likely “over the top” in terms of too much money spent and too much focus on the acquisition of tooth-rotting candy.  
Other Christians offer a different view, which might be instructive here.  
Halloween is a perfect opportunity to announce Good News. Evil cannot be where good resides (Rom. 8:31-39). Halloween is a time to cultivate a deeper sense of the infinite love and grace of God in our lives — to celebrate Christ’s victory over all things scary and spooky (Eph. 6:10-17; Col. 2:15).
Halloween presents a teachable moment, an opportunity for parents to point out that there are forces of darkness present in the world every day; i.e.,  people lost in the grip of sin (Rom. 3:23), desperately seeking to save themselves, looking for meaning in strange places, clinging to cheap, empty things in order to fill an inner void. Rather than focus on fear and loathing of Halloween, parents could use this time to show children ways to respond to the dark, lonely, fearful world where many people exist.  
A final thought: Halloween just might be a valuable celebration of imagination. Kids love to make believe. The fun of playing dress-up is inherent in the need to explore the big, wide world beyond — and just might be a way of coping with things we don’t understand. Not every character costume is appropriate for our children yet this inclination to imagine may be the springboard to a maturing ability to grasp the marvel and mystery of a loving God who shows Himself to us in surprising ways (I Cor. 2:6-16).   


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