09-09-12 Births

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By Special to the Monitor

Los Alamos Medical Center reported the following births:


Aug. 27: A girl, Maliyah Aubree Vigil, born to Melinda Lucero and Derek Vigil

Aug. 21: A boy, William Michael Wheat, born to Angela and William Wheat
• Aug. 25: A girl, Selena Veronica Truman, born to Maria and Edward Truman

Aug. 26: A girl, Aniah Hope Trujillo, born to Esther Sanchez and Leonard Trujillo

Aug. 27: A boy, Eli Eliseo Romero, born to                             Cynthia and Eliseo Romero

Aug. 29: A boy, Terrance Lorenzo Chavarria, born to Jona Chavarria

 • Sept. 4: A girl, Sierra Sandova, born to Candace and Eugene Sandoval