03-27-11 Poetry Corner

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Oh Thy Ocean

My bare feet hurt on the asphalt but I didn’t pay attention to the burning sensation rising up my legs. It was all clear to me now. I sprinted down the hill and slid down the sandy slope.  Only when I was down completely I thrust my feet into the cool water, the sand filling in between my toes, massaging my abraded and blistered feet.  
Oh thy ocean.
The ocean is my home.
I calm down completely and close my eyes.
I listen.
I smell.
I almost taste.
Oh thy sea.
I listen to the waves surfacing and skimming the shore.
I almost taste the salty waves washing up my torrid and sweltry legs.
Oh thy ocean.
Oh thy sea.
Oh you won’t forgetith me.

— Alexandra Hehlen