02-28-13 Restaurant inspections

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By Special to the Monitor

The following restaurant inspection reports were provided by the New Mexico Environment Department. 


Santa Fe


The Beestro, 1805 Second St.

Date inspected: Feb. 15, initial

Violations: One moderate-risk violation for other — need to thoroughly wash vegetables before cooking or serving. Two low-risk violations for ventilation/lighting — hood vent needs filters. Exhaust pipe needs seal round ceiling exit.

Status of establishment: Approved, no follow-up required.


Cloud Cliff Bakery, 1805 Second St.

Date inspected: Feb. 15

Violations: Three high-risk violations, one for poor personal hygiene — hand sink not in immediate vicinity of prep and wash areas. Two for plumbing/waste — cross-connection on mop sink. Corrected; no air gap on three-compartment sink. One low-risk violation for floors/walls/ceilings — proof box floor has food particles accumulated.

Notes: No labels on file. Hand sink across room blocked by mop bucket. Corrected. No temps, not hot or cold holding. CAR written response required by March 15.

Status of establishment: Approved