“Small Town, Big Heart”

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Last Friday night as I was preparing for a trip, I was zipping around town doing last-minute errands: post-office, photo-copying at Upex, gift purchase at CB Fox, etc. As usual, was carrying my trusty (and most favorite) “Camelback” water-bottle.
Admittedly, it seems shallow to get attached to “things”, but honestly, this water bottle is the best! It has all the features I need and I hardly go anywhere without it since it helps relieve the chronic dry throat I have living in the Southwest.
As Murphy’s law would dictate, I absent-mindedly left the bottle somewhere downtown on my journey, and by the time I realized it, businesses downtown were closed. Since I was leaving early the next morning, there was no chance to back-track.
Before you let the smoke-choked lethargy of the “tough luck” clouds get you down, here comes the silver lining: upon my return, some very nice person had returned my favorite water bottle. And, it was returned directly to my house!
I know I’m not the only person with a cobalt blue water –bottle, so I stuck my address-label on it to avoid confusion. In this case, it allowed a very kind fellow Los-Alamosian to return it to my door.
I love many things about this town (the natural beauty, my church, activities at Fuller Lodge, the YMCA, our local businesses and the Gordon’s Summer Concerts, to name but a few), but I really think that the PEOPLE of Los Alamos make this town the one with the biggest heart!
THANK YOU so much !
With gratitude and relief,
Eileen Green
Los Alamos