‘Life of Pi’ is stunning

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By Owen Bradbury Aranda

“Life of Pi” is a beautiful film. It is an adaptation of a best-selling book with the same title, by Yann Martel.
The film is incredibly visually captivating and filled with gorgeous special effects and magnificent cinematography.
In the film’s plot, the protagonist, Piscine Molitor Patel, also known as Pi, discusses faith and his life’s story with a young Canadian writer.
Pi tells the younger man of his fascination with all religions from an early age. Subsequently, the protagonist discusses his shipwrecked journey across the Pacific Ocean while sharing a life raft with an adult Bengal tiger called Richard Parker.
The film is presented in an incredibly dream-like manner and involves many serial images.
One small problem with the film is that, as a viewer, one gets the sense that there are elements missing from the original novel.
Another is that the conclusion is somewhat weak and this ultimately diminishes the sense of wonder that the rest of the film worked so hard to establish.
It is almost as if the film becomes a fable, a spiritual journey rather than a realistic depiction of true events.
In “Life of Pi,” director Ang Lee manages to transport his audience into the world of Martel’s best selling novel, by means of incredible special effects, first-rate acting and stunning camera work.
The film produces a sense of wonder that has not been seen since James Cameron’s 2009 film, “Avatar.”
Overall, the film is very good, incredibly visually pleasing and presents the viewer with an almost seamless use of special effects that will leave the viewer deeply satisfied.