‘Flight’ is a bit of a risk for viewers

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By Owen Bradbury Aranda

Drinking and driving don’t go together, thus it makes perfect sense that drinking and flying shouldn’t mix either.
In the movie “Flight,” an airline pilot, Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) saves all but six passengers after the plane he was flying failed in mid-flight.
As if to make the odds of survival even less likely, Whitaker manages to save the plane from certain disaster while in a state of inebriation.
An investigation ensues in response to the crash and that is where Whitaker’s drunkeness is revealed.
Though the crash sets the base for the film, “Flight” explores the boundaries of law and morality while demonstrating the horrors of drug and alcohol abuse, portraying the temptations of a struggling addict.
The movie shows no matter how long or well an addiction is suppressed, one moment of weakness, one small drink, can throw everything away.
“Flight” is not a bad film, but it isn’t great either.
Due to nudity and pervasive drug and alcohol use, some may find the film uncomfortable and unpleasant. The story is simple and overall predictable, as well.
Even if the film lacks a complex story and goes over the top with sex, drugs and alcohol, what makes this special are the visual/audio effects and the acting.
“Flight” contains one of the most believable and terrifying plane crash scenes and showcases the wonders of 21st century special effects.
The camera work and high-quality sound editing provide an atmosphere that hypnotizes the viewer and makes them feel in the moment.
Above all, Washington’s stellar performance as Capt. Whitaker, captures the essence of an alcoholic and draws the viewer into the plethoric nature of the character’s addiction.
Over all, it is a film worth watching and is quite entertaining. “Flight” is definitely not suited for younger audiences.
Original, although certainly not ground breaking, this film deserves its two Oscar nominations and will leave mature viewers satisfied.