‘Five Women Wearing the Same Dress’

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A letter from Trisha, the bride’s friend.

Hey, Tracy — Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I’d be honored to be your bridesmaid.
So you finally decided to settle down — wow! You’re a lot braver than I am. Tell me about this Scott guy — I hope he is a little “less” interesting than the other Southern gentlemen with whom you and I had the pleasure of associating in the past.
I still get a little embarrassed when I think of some of the wild times you and I had together. Did we really party as much as I seem to remember us doing? Perhaps it’s better that I can’t remember all the details.
I still haven’t met my Mr. Right. Maybe that’s because I gave up thinking one existed for me, or maybe it’s because I realized how much fun Mr. Wrong can be! I am happy (and a bit surprised) to find out you were lucky enough to find your Mr. Right. I always kind of thought you and Tommy Valentine would tie the knot.
He sure was handsome, but he always seemed a little too short for me. I wonder what he is up to nowadays. Looking forward to a good reception (and hopefully a fully stocked open bar)!!


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