‘Escape from Planet Earth’ is nothing new

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By Ben Hanlon

Just about everyone has wondered if there is life on other planets.  In “Escape From Planet Earth,” there are various planets with many alien races.  
“Escape From Planet Earth” is an animated comedy directed by Callan Brunker and produced by Rainmaker Entertainment.  It debuted in theaters on Feb. 15.
On Planet Baab, national hero Scorch Supernova (voice of Brendon Fraser) pulls off daring rescue missions with the help of his nerdy brother, Gary (voice of Rob Corddry), who works in mission control at BASA.
BASA’s chief, Lena (voice of Jessica Alba of “Spy Kids”) tells the brothers that a distress call came from the dangerous Dark Planet (Earth) from which no one ever returns.
Scorch, eager to go on the mission to rescue fellow aliens, ignores the warnings of his brother Gary not to go to the most dangerous planet.
But Scorch does not listen and goes on the mission anyway. When Scorch arrives on Earth he is captured by the evil General Shanker (William Shatner).  
Scorch is taken to Area 51, where he meets other captured aliens. Discovering that his brother has been captured, Gary must now save Scorch.
When Gary reaches the Dark Planet, he learns his home planet of Baab and the entire galaxy is in jeopardy, which complicates the mission even more.  
“Escape From Planet Earth” is definitely geared toward a younger audience. Some of the jokes throughout the movie were funny, but most were cliché.
The movie plot and characters were the same as older animated space alien rescue movies, nothing new and exciting. It very much reminded me of the 2009 movie, “Planet 51.”
There were some good 3-D moments of objects flying through the air, out of the screen and into the audience.
The computer animation was very good, but overall, the movie was a disappointment.
Run-time is one hour, 29 minutes and the movie is rated PG.