A ‘bang’ in the universe

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Was the Big Bang an “alchemistic experiment” to create something “solid” out of the simplest assemblage of atoms, hydrogen gas? What have we learned about fusion? What is our physical ability compared to that needed to compress enough hydrogen molecules to contain all the matter of “our” universe into a small enough space and then allow enough time for it to stew and go supercritical? Quite a field experiment I’d say. A little bigger than Nevada or Siberia.
I wonder what instruments are being used to monitor the results.
Of course, some might say that the creator of our “bang” might not like the amount of “gold” produced nor that the “bang” impressed enough enemies and is off to create bigger “bangs” while this one sits out in the “desert environs” with previous “bangs.” A collection of “bangs” with many fiery balls and a few museums of wet and dry aquaria filled with various creatures – some “beings” and many pets; most probably just “things” much as we collect as we go merrily along in “life.” As a scientist exposed to the physical wonders preceived, I hope one day to meet the creator of the ‘bang” I live in.
Tis a better hope for the mind and soul of a “ram” than ending up as randomized binary bits and no bytes.

Joel M Williams
Los Alamos