‘A Christmas Carol’ helped kick off the season

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By Katelyn Collier

“A Christmas Carol” is just one of the many beloved Christmas tales performed this time of year.
This time around, the New Mexico Dance Theater Performance Company told the story of Ebenezer through ballet.
The non-verbal version of this old tale was one that will not soon be forgotten.
According to dancer Alice Vaeirs, the dancers started preparing for this performance around the middle of August, leaving them with four months until the first show.
Alicia Bowyer played the ghost of Christmas past. Bowyer’s parents said she danced eight hours a week, preparing for her performances.
The story portrayed by NMDT-PC was the same as the classic tale, without changing the story line.
Scrooge, played by Frank Macias, was his grumpy self until the end of the story, when he learns the true meaning of Christmas.
When the dancers were asked what scene was there favorite, most said the “Ghost of the Future Dance.” This dance was set in the middle of the night, with glowing stars in the background.
Chris Jeffery  played the Ghost of the Future. Dressed in all black and accompanied by 21 veiled, darkly dressed dancers, it made for an extremely powerful and moving scene.
Bob Cratchet, played by Kevin Adam, said the following about the Ghost of The Future dance: “The ghost of the future dance was my favorite. It’s so powerful. We were afraid it might scare some of the younger audience, but it worked out fine.”
The classic tale still holds the magic of Christmas time, filling people with holiday magic all through the season.